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Transmission: Hyperion


The two giants of nanotechnology call Hyperion their home. CORE Industries and Helix Biolabs. As such, the technology runs almost rampant with auto-labs and micro assembly lines run out of the bedrooms of former corporate engineers. Unregistered custom cybernetics, advanced technology, weapons and synthetic drugs can be created almost anywhere, provided you have the know how to design such complex items.

As with any other place in the solar system, the Interface accesses, connects, controls and monitors everything. There is no escaping it. To disconnect is to whither and die.


Heavy solar shields provide all of the power that anyone could want. Almost limitless energy for pennies a month. The cost is that you’ll never see the sun, the stars never shine. The city is dark, lit only by neon and inadequate city lights. Rain clouds continually build beneath their gigantic aluminum and plastic membranes with nowhere to go but back down to the streets below. A depressing light rain or mist continually falls making things continually drip and smell of mold.


The middle class has been almost eradicated and the lower classes have been all but swept aside by corporations, corrupted government officials and those born into privilege. Among the sweeping and pristine skyscrapers of the Corporate Plaza, the upper classes are insulated from the chaos and desperation they’ve caused by highly trained and efficient CorpSec teams. In the Hollows people loot and kill to get what they need to survive. Mid-Town is the only part of the city where anyone can mingle in relative peace, but even that is controlled by the collected Syndicates and patrolled by abusive and corrupted Metro-Police.

The Eco-Liberation Front and the Line Workers’ Union have set themselves up as heroes for the citizens of Hyperion. But, everyone knows better. Growing up on the streets, most people have a healthy dose of skepticism.

Whether you live among the rich, or scrape for survival in the Hollows, one thing remains constant. Whatever you need has to be paid for in blood.





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