Session 1.5

A young hacker stumbles upon the scheme of a corrupt cop.

Jynx and Dodger were enjoying their walk home from Sector Six, a cool drizzle was falling upon them, wetting down Jynx’s white, red and black neon hair. Dodger was enjoying their conversation about hacking techniques and new Interface technology.

There was a screeching of tires against the wet pavement, red and blue flashing strobes, and the sound of car doors. Cops came from all over, jumping out of their cars, aiming their guns at Jynx, Dodger and the building behind them. Spotlights from the patrol units blinded them, making the Cops nothing but distorted silhouettes.

Two officers yelled at the couple to get down, an order they followed quickly.

As the officers advanced on the building, two of them came to pull Jynx and Dodger to safety behind one of the patrol cars.

An explosion blew the front door off of the building as gunfire erupted from inside and breaking glass exploded into the street. Several officers were blown back from the explosion and taken down by the gunfire as the gun battle began.

Jynx and Dodger hacked into the Metro-Police dataspheres, attempting to figure out what they’d just gotten themselves into. Unknown to them their attempt was traced by one of the Metro-Police system operators and logged.

The two were able to sneak away from the scene while the Cops were busy with taking down the criminal enterprise they were sent in to stop.

Kadin Black, Jynx‘s literal godfather, ordered her back to Cypher. He’d heard about the gunfight and also knew that they’d been involved. He wasn’t happy with either of them, chewing them out for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s when Cypher was invaded by a squad of Cops, led by a hard-nosed investigator who wanted an interview with his ‘witnesses’. K refused, feeling that something was fishy about the way the cop came into his place. It was an unnecessary show of force on their behalf.

After Kadin Black and the investigator sprayed the walls down with their testosterone in a classic stare down, the investigator and his men left. K decided it was high time to find out what was going on, and what Jynx and Dodger stumbled onto.

Jynx hacked the Metro-Police dataspheres once again, making damn sure to cover her tracks this time. It was there, that she found out that the investigator in question was building a small network of black marketeers using his police channels. The take down that Jynx and Dodger had stumbled onto was nothing more than the investigator trying to teach Chase a lesson after he’d refused to join the investigator’s little group.

Jynx, Dodger and K decided that it was time to bring the investigator‘s plan to an end. Taking the information to Yakov, the head of the Russian Mafia in Hyperion, would do the trick, as many of the investigator’s help was being pulled from him.

The Russian Mafia took care of the rest.


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