Session 1.0

CORE Industries has a new Director of External Operations.

Vincent Cross stood in front of a floor to ceiling, wall to wall window that looked out over the dark, but beautiful cityscape of Hyperion. He was tall and athletic with pleasing, but rugged facial features. He’d had his eyes replaced almost a year ago making the usual specs unnecessary to interact with the augmented reality of the Interface. His thick dark hair was kept spiked to stay “in” with the men and women who were his subordinates. The more casual and contemporary style did not go over well with his superiors, but he didn’t care. Vincent Cross would much rather be able to effectively interact with his inferiors, than to appease to the conservative fashion sense of his superiors. It seemed to work. Vince got results, and his yearly evaluations for the company positively reflected that.

He turned away from the window, put his hands in his pockets and appraised his new office. It was large and neat, with only the essentials. The only things out of place were two boxes that had been placed by his desk. They contained all of the most essential things that he’d brought with him during his transfer to Hyperion.

Mr. Cross?” It was a clear, disembodied voice that emanated from vibrations in the walls around him.


“The files you requested on CorpSec and general operations have been uploaded to your private datasphere.”

“What about the intelligence files I asked for?”

“I’m sorry, sir. Those files have been sealed by upper administration. You will need to speak to them directly.”

“I’ll do that. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, sir.”

It’s the same everywhere you go, Vince thought to himself. You’re never given the direct authority to do the job that you’re requested to do.

Vince left his jacket draped over a black cushioned chair behind his desk and walked out of his office.

It looks like the upper administration and I need to come to an understanding.


Tiny is contacted by Ling Po with a job offer. It’s simple: 5 kreds up front for simply watching a man named Hollis Klein and getting as much information on him as possible. If Ling Po‘s ’client’ is happy with the information that Tiny can obtain, Tiny’s team be paid 6 more kreds and set up for future jobs.

Of course, following a man like Mr. Klein, a member of the Board of Directors for CORE Industries is like placing a target on your back. There are people who want to make sure that his activities are secret and those who want to expose him for the wretched man that he is. Most of those people are not nice.

As the players started to track Hollis, the heat began to increase. CorpSec investigators came to their flat to ask questions, their connection Nails has her ‘clinic’ destroyed… What next?


check this out.. pretty sure its not correct.. see —→ His had thick dark hair was kept spiked to stay

Session 1.0

What’s not correct?

Session 1.0

his had part

Session 1.0

guess the flow of the sentence is just off when i read it.

Session 1.0

Nope! I got it now!


Session 1.0
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