From the Technoir RPG

No matter what city you go to, you can’t get away from it: the future looks bleak. Technology is cheap. The environment’s screwed. Society is falling down. The people around you get more desperate every day. Seems like everyone you know – everyone one you trust, everyone you love – is involved in some criminal scheme. Are you going to go along with them? Do you have a plan of your own? Or, are you going to struggle against the lure of crime? The truth is, you’re just as deep in the muck. Megacorporations, religious cults, and crime bosses breathe down your neck. And you’re up to that neck in debt for the new cybernetic eyes you had spliced into your skull.

Playing it safe isn’t working anymore; you’re not going to get out of this clean. You have illicit tech and the talent to use it. Time to go shake the city and see what falls out. You’ll get hurt, sure, but what kind of pain will you deal out?


The city streets buzz with illusory neon lines, animated, playing out just over the grimy surface. The internet’s gotten too big for any screen, so they feed it right to your eyeballs. You see it everywhere. it spills out onto the streets. It guides self-driving cars through automated intersections. it’s the cartoon some kid wears to school. It’s your personal shopper. We wear the hardware that runs it: in the contacts that let you see it, the chip sewn into your jeans, the elecctronics of your prosthetic leg. They’re all linked together in a living, thrumming network that spans the world. They call it the Interface. We call it the Big Lie.


Under all of those pretty graphics, the city is dirtier than ever. Soot floats in from the deregulated coal plant; it cakes over everything. The weather is less predictable than ever. Wind and rain, then a drought, then a blizzard, then a hurricane. Hell is swelling up around us and we don’t seem to care. We’ll burn those carbon fuels as long as the corporate-sponsored wars keep winning what’s left of them. Well do it until we choke on the smog.


The rich are opulent. The poor are decrepit. There isn’t much left between. Record numbers of the city’s populations are unemployed. When robotics do the blue-collar jobs and the software handles the white-collar ones, what’s a flesh body to do? Join a corporate army and get shipped off overseas, or off world. Send the paycheck home so the family can buy useless, corporate crap or lose it to the rampant runs of criminals.

Criminals like you.


None of the artwork on this site belongs to me and it is used without permission. If you want to sue me, fine. I’m not making money off of it and I have about twenty three cents to my name. Other than that, I use it because it is great art and the artists should be commended for their work.


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